A Whirlwind year for the Mailman but his feet are firmly on the ground

Charlie Flynn and Euan Burton MBE BBC Children in need

As far as sports stories go you don’t get many better than that of Charlie Flynn. The typical Scottish boy who set his heart on Gold in the Glasgow Games. He stole the show, the gold and the heart of his nation as he fought with the heart of a lion. Charlie looks back on his past year and talks about his plans for 2016.

“Since the games I’ve never looked back it’s been a whirlwind and I’m caught in the middle of it, after winning the gold it’s just been one thing after another non-stop.

I’ve had loads of great laughs meeting people and doing talks and tv shows, I love that kind of thing and always make time for it, I never take any of it seriously I’m always turning everything into a laugh.

One of the stand out things I done was to give the Scottish Rowing Team a preparation talk before the Commonwealth Rowing Championship Regatta at Strathclyde Park. I look back and laugh at that talk. I was still on a high from winning my gold medal, and the talk I gave was pure Braveheart without the face paint, I could see the rowers responding and getting totally psyched up they went out to do battle.

Scotland beat England for the first time overall and got their biggest medal haul ever! Was it down to my talk? Of course it was! It was magic!

Turning Pro

After the games I waited for the outcome of Scotland’s vote on independence, because had we went independent I would have stayed amateur and boxed for Scotland in the Olympic Games in Rio. It never worked out that way so there was no point in staying amateur as I wasn’t in the GB squad and couldn’t go to Rio so that’s when I decided to turn pro.

After talking to a lot of different people in the pro game I decided Alex Morrison was the best option for management, he could offer me his own shows in Glasgow and the big shows in England with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Promotions. He got me a new car from Arnold Clark and a good sponsorship with Advanced Construction. In my first year I boxed six fights, four in Glasgow, one in Newcastle Arena and the other in Hull’s Stadium of light, so you could say Alex and Eddie delivered exactly what they had promised me.

One of the other things that happened in 2015 was my sponsor McBookie asked me to become their boxing tipster. It’s a great job writing about boxing, so far I’ve covered six fights which you can see here, http://www.mcbookieblog.com/tag/charlie-flynn/ anyone who checks them will know my predictions are always spot on Charlie laughs, just click read more at the bottom of each article to get the fight predictions that I’ve wrote in the past. I’m really looking forward to covering more of the big fights this year.

Pro Fights

Looking back at the pro fights I never lost a round or took any substantial shots, my coach Peter Harrison likes me to box all the rounds as he says I learn more from the experience. There’s been times Peter has told me to take my foot off the gas just to get the rounds in. Every fight I learn something different but overall I’m loving the pro game and it’s building well. There’s a lot more freedom in the pro’s compared to the amateurs.


Charlie recorded his sixth straight win over England’s Lee Connolly at Glasgow’s Thistle Hotel Dec 2015


The pro game in Scotland is really picking up and there’s more world champions now than there’s ever been in the UK.  It’s an exciting time to be part of boxing, there’s loads of Scottish guy’s turning pro it’s great to see them all getting into the scene. There’s a couple of new promotional company’s starting as well, MGM and Willie Limond’s Lock Stock Promotions are getting into the scene.

Alex is already talking about loads of shows for 2016 and I’m excited about what lies ahead this year.   The Scottish press have been fantastic to me the papers and the BBC/STV have supported me all the way, and I’ve grabbed every bit of it.

I know Alex has his own way of building me as a fighter which will be slow and steady. I’ve suggested this fight and that fight but he doesn’t listen to me, he has his own strategy and picks my fights.

We’re looking at picking out of a few Matchroom shows for the beginning of the year right now, we’re also looking at a show in my home town of Motherwell in the Ravenscraig possibly in the summer which will be great.

There’s also talk of a big Matchroom show in Glasgow as well with Ricky Burns challenging for a world title again which would also be amazing. That would give Alex’s other developing boxers like Joe Ham, Stuart Burt, Lewis Paulin and Jamie McGuire a chance to showcase themselves on the big stage.

TV Debut

I’m looking forward to making my tv debut in 2016 hopefully on one of the Scottish shows because my support up here has been great. I keep thinking things are going to slow down at some point but it never happens. I had great tickets sales for my last fight in Glasgow and I want to thank everyone who travelled to the show some from far distances who stayed overnight as well.

Overall it’s been a rollercoaster ride since winning Gold in Glasgow and 2015 has been an amazing year. I don’t see things slowing down in 2016 I just see things getting bigger and better so watch this space and one thing is for sure ‘The Mailman will deliver’

‘Happy New Year Everyone’